Counting sheep….zzzz

Major job this week – counting and sorting lambs. ‘Cos we sell our lovely lamb every week of the year we need a steady supply of lambs which is very difficult to manage. ‘Normal’ sheep farmers aim to get their lambs fat and away as soon as they can. We on the other hand have to pace ourselves – we group the animals into size groups and feed them accordingly.

At this time of year they need extra feed to ‘finish’ them but we only need to supplementary feed a few at a time. We therefore have to estimate of how many lambs we’ll need in the next month or so and then select the best and biggest from the main group to bring home and fatten. The group in this picture are doing well but aren’t quite big enough. So they’ll stay out in field until after Christmas. At that point they all come inside as it’ll be cold and muddy by then – unlike today which is sunny and dry!



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