Thank goodness it’s raining

We’re on holiday. First one for 5 years and we’re with some great friends and sometime lambing helpers. Staying near Padstow in Cornwall which is delightful and not too busy.

When you run a business like Whyle House Lamb or any farming operation the biggest challenge is the weather, especially at hay making time. Most of our conservation is done as silage which is easy but we still make a bit of hay for the lambs and to sell for horses.

We need about 5 days to get it cut, dried, baled and carted so we spend a lot of time looking at the forecasts. We use 3 different forecasts and as long as they agree we reckon we’re ok but of course they don’t so it’s always a bit of a gamble.

The most frustrating thing is being on holiday when hay needs making and the sun is shining – so damp and grey this week is the essential precursor to a restful and relaxing holiday. Not sure Mrs Whyle House Lamb would agree though?


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