Nice show but the garbage stalls are taking over

We went to the Three Counties Show at Malvern this afternoon.  Not been for many years but we promised ourselves  an afternoon off.  Frances even bought tickets in advance so we didn’t get tempted to do something on the farm at the last minute!  It’s still a nice little show but boy is it filling up with rubbish stalls. 

You could buy pretty well anything you wanted – and a great deal you didn’t – from pillows to saucepans and even mobile phone covers – why would anyone want a coloured phone cover anyway??  I’m not sure if it’s a misguided attempt by the organisers to appeal to the non-farming public of if it’s that they want these people’s money.  If it’s the former then its a waste of time and anyway the public like to see farm related stuff – its why they come – if its the latter then it’s rather sad and it will force this show to go the same way as the Royal Show did some years ago and finish completely.

Still the sheep shearing was great fun and we met some old friends and had a couple of useful business conversations so it was a rather pleasant interlude in our busy week.  Even the weather improved as the afternoon wore on.


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