One of those days….

It’s been one of those days. Just on my way out this morning when Mrs Whyle House Lamb announced that her PC wasn’t working again. Several hours later it still wasn’t and I’d wasted a morning.

Then went to tidy up a corner of our new seeds with the topper before turning some lambs onto it and smashed the tractor windscreen. Glass everywhere – all over me, the tractor and the dog. Hours spent clearing up, topping done eventually but serious expense and time to fix. And we’ve got three markets and a food festival to prepare for and attend.

Time to give up for today methinks!


Dodging the showers

Got about half the ewes and lambs home for shearing this morning. It’s always a bit of a gamble as we don’t want them home too soon or for too long but we must have them dry for shearing on Tuesday. Wet sheep are difficult to shear and the wool goes mouldy.

The rest are coming home by lorry tomorrow. Charlie can move most of them in his lorry in a couple of trips so it saves us hours of time and fuel.

If you saw Charlie’s lorry you’d think he was called ‘Charles’ but its written like that because he couldn’t find an ‘i’ in his lettering set!

We’ll also sort some lambs from this lot tomorrow and maybe wean the oldest group. We always try to do as many jobs as we can while they’re at home as its so much easier and in the dry!

Had a great market in Tenbury Wells yesterday – it’s a new one which looks very promising. Useful takings despite appalling weather and a lot of support from the public. Only problem was the wind which has wrecked our gazebo so Whyle House Lamb will need a new one which wasn’t in the budget!


Nice show but the garbage stalls are taking over

We went to the Three Counties Show at Malvern this afternoon.  Not been for many years but we promised ourselves  an afternoon off.  Frances even bought tickets in advance so we didn’t get tempted to do something on the farm at the last minute!  It’s still a nice little show but boy is it filling up with rubbish stalls. 

You could buy pretty well anything you wanted – and a great deal you didn’t – from pillows to saucepans and even mobile phone covers – why would anyone want a coloured phone cover anyway??  I’m not sure if it’s a misguided attempt by the organisers to appeal to the non-farming public of if it’s that they want these people’s money.  If it’s the former then its a waste of time and anyway the public like to see farm related stuff – its why they come – if its the latter then it’s rather sad and it will force this show to go the same way as the Royal Show did some years ago and finish completely.

Still the sheep shearing was great fun and we met some old friends and had a couple of useful business conversations so it was a rather pleasant interlude in our busy week.  Even the weather improved as the afternoon wore on.

Another busy day

Got it all done. Seed on bare patches on reseed (which actually aren’t too bare) and harrowed in. Fertiliser on silage ground for second cut and 100 lamb burgers in the freezer for next week.

Weather looks set for a couple more days then some much needed rain on wed to wash the seed and fertiliser in. Silage to cart tomorrow then finish mucking out on Tuesday for shearing next week. It never gets dull around here!


A Busy week and not done yet!

Made our first cut silage this week – a fairly light cut but some good stuff which the sheep will enjoy.

Baling silage

We’ve also been busy with farmers’ markets this week – the regular one in Hereford on Thursday and the monthly Leominster one today. These markets are a lot of work to prepare for but I love doing them and getting the direct feedback from our customers. In Leominster today we also had some of our sheep! It’s the Leominster Festival and the theme this year is sheep so who better to ask…. I did wonder last night if this was such a great idea – trying to find a presentable ewe with a couple of decent lambs to put on show but it’s been a great day with lots of interest and fantastic weather.

Leominster festival 2013

We’ll take a bit of a breather this evening with supper with some friends and then a BBQ at a local farm but tomorrow, I need to get some fertiliser on the silage ground for the next cut and patch up a bit of thin reseeded grass. Guess who won’t be getting Sunday off!